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Smooth to the touch

More than 70 glass works by Santa Cruz artist Heather Richman are currently on display at the Santa Cruz County Building, 701 Ocean St., through an ongoing series put on by Arts Council Santa Cruz County. The works, showing on the first and fifth floors, showcase a wide range of her work, from fused/slumped glass, lampwork, and powdered glass on copper and will be showing through the first week of July.

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New label honors California farmworkers

June 10 marked the 17th annual release of Bargetto Winery’s “La Vita” wine. The oldest winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains and one of the oldest in the state, Bargetto Winery is celebrating its 85 anniversary this year with a number of events. “Honestly, I think it was the best ‘La Vita’ event we’ve ever had,” said Director of Winemaking John Bargetto. “At least, it was my favorite. The place was packed — and I think the wine turned out exceptional this year, so of course that made it even better.”

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Juvenile whale washes ashore

A 29-foot juvenile humpback whale is shown at the shoreline at Manresa State Beach Monday. Officials said it appeared to have been dead several days at sea before washing ashore several days ago. No cause of death was known to officials.

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Car slams into hotel

These boys examine the damage where a Watsonville woman rammed into a room at the Rio Sands Hotel, 130 Aptos Beach Drive, in Rio del Mar Monday. California Highway Patrol officer Sam Courtney said the woman claimed the brakes failed in her Honda Accord as she pulled into a parking space at the hotel around 11:20 a.m. No injuries were reported. The driver reportedly did not have a license.

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Young engineers to vie for world championship

APTOS — Last year, the Aptos High School robotics team took top honors in both state and international competitions for building a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that performed a series of complex underwater tasks. In doing so, the team bested competitors from around the globe. The group of 12, who are aged 15-17, is called Watsonville Firefighters Seal Team 1272 after the group that sponsored them. “The competition was an amazing experience and a great place to observe and learn from the machines other people built,” team programmer Pratham Rathi said. ROVs are human controlled robots that are employed to solve a variety of jobs in places where humans cannot reach. The ROV Jason, for example, was used to observe the wreckage of the sunken Titanic. The team’s ROV is Argo V, a nod to the ship of Greek myth in which Jason and his compatriots sailed to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Now, having again won the Marine Advanced Technology Education center annual ROV competition at Watsonville High School on May 12, the team is once again preparing to defend its international crown. That competition — held this year in Seattle, Wash. from June 22-25 — draws elite young engineers from around the globe who pit their homebuilt, underwater robots against each other.

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