Twin Lakes practices generosity

Twin Lakes Church recently announced the results of a two-month-long project in which members raised more than $286,000 for Second Harvest Food Bank, which is the equivalent of more than 1.1 million meals.

The eight-week program focused on pastor Rene Schlaepfer’s book “Richer Life,” which analyzes several biblical passages about how generosity and gratitude lead to a richer life experience.

As part of the study, members were urged to find “generosity projects” in their community.

During the project, church members collected more than 900 pairs of socks and hundreds of shoes for the homeless; and collected more than 2,300 pairs of pajamas for young people in homeless shelters and emergency foster care.

Members also cleaned windows, painted curbs, repaired buildings, and installed gutters at local public schools, among other projects.

In addition, congregants gave more than $50,000 in fire and flood relief to Santa Rosa and Houston-area churches.

“Lots of people also did what we call micro-projects,” staff pastor Valerie Webb said. “They found elderly widows, senior citizens, other struggling neighbors, and did yard work and home repairs for them.”

The church also raised nearly $7 million in pledges for the food bank, mission work, and for the construction of a college ministry center on church property adjacent to Cabrillo College.

“We plan for the center to include a beautiful public space for students to relax, grab a cup of coffee, and study between classes,” Schlaepfer said.

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